Advent Is Upon Us

Advent is a an historic practice of the Church in which we take time to refocus as individuals and as a church body on what it meant for Christ, the Son of God, to come in his incarnation as a human being as well as what it will mean when he comes again in all of his glory. It is a season of anticipating Christmas day and its historical and salvific importance. We will be reminded again and again throughout this season that Jesus is the Savior of the world. It is a time of joy and reverence.

This season, in conjunction with our Advent sermon series "Name Above All Names", we will be focusing on specific titles of Jesus found in Scripture. We've prepared an Advent devotional guide to help unpack the meanings of those titles and also help show us the implications that those titles have upon our lives. While the titles overlap quite a bit, they each have their own special significance for gaining a deeper understand of Jesus Christ, the One who has the name above all names, the One to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord.

We will see Jesus as the Seed of the Woman who crushes Satan and the rest of his enemies, as the True Prophet who deals with us in our darkness and ignorance, as our Great High Priest who shows us what worship is and worships with us, as the Conquering King who subdues us in our rebellion, as the Suffering Servant who dealt with our sin on the cross, and as the Lamb on the throne who reigns over all. We will see more fully what it means for him to have the name above all names and respond to him as such.

This guide is based on the book, Name Above All Names, by Alistair Begg and Sinclair B. Ferguson. While it contains much of the information in that book, we recommend that you read the book as well as it goes into greater depth and brings more Scripture to bear on the content. We also encourage you to not go through this guide quickly, but to meditate on its truths and pray through them. Use this a personal devotion aid, or work through this with you family and your friends. Take advantage of this Advent season and this guide to saturate yourself with the glories of Christ. Many thanks to Missio Dei Chruch member Bo Carlson, who wrote and assembled this guide for us.

Download the Study Guide HERE.