Merry Missio Christmas Photos

Though it didn't feel much like Christmas outside, laughter, fellowship and eggnog brought Christmas inside at Missio Dei on Saturday night. Many of us gathered wearing our tacky Christmas sweaters to share in the joy of this Christmas season. Despite feeling a little cramped, the room was filled with cheer and tasty treats! The spread of baked goods was a sight to see, and an even better thing to taste. 

Many people took the ugly Christmas sweater challenge to a whole new level - including some of our kids! Cole Macinnes, Max Ingle and Paul Beaver took home some great prizes for representing MDK with some super ugly (but actually cute) Christmas outfits. Several adults were in the running for ugliest sweater including David Macinnes, David Livernois and a "real-life" Christmas tree, Elizabeth Smith. We're excited to see what people have in store for next year! 

Thanks to Nathan & Olivia Marone, we were able to capture some lasting memories in their Christmas-themed photo booth. As you'll see when scrolling through the pictures, Santa, some elves and a few more crazy characters joined us at the party! To view all the photos taken that night, click here. If you'd like to download some pictures to blackmail your friends or to post on Facebook , click here.

It's safe to say we left the church that night with happy hearts and full stomachs! We hope you will join us in the years to come at our Merry Missio Christmas party!