6 Ways to Prepare for Easter

In just six days, we will gather together at Asheville Middle School to celebrate the best day of the year for Christians. Jesus is alive and sin is forgiven! Here are six ways you can prepare to celebrate with us.

1.  Join us for Good Friday April 18th

Before we can celebrate the resurrection, we must contemplate the crucifixion. Each year we take the opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ death on that cross, standing in our place for our sins. Good Friday is a more subdued and contemplative time to be reminded of why Jesus went to the cross. Our Good Friday service will be at 6:30pm at our building downtown.

2.  Pray. Pray. Pray.

Spend time with God praying for our Easter Gathering. Pray for the people in your life God is calling you to invite. Pray for the hearts of those who will be in attendance. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin, repentance, and new life.

3.  Invite People

Easter in the south is still kind of a big deal. And it is one of the few times a year that people may actually come to church if you invite them. We all have people in our lives who need to meet Jesus, so take the risk and extend the invitation. Talk to people – email, call, text… however you go about it, step out there and make the ask. Click HERE for an E-Invite you can pass along.

4.  Pray Some More.

5.  Jump In and Help Out

Meeting in a different venue for Easter Sunday means lots of details, and lots of opportunities to lend a helping hand. Even if you are new to Missio Dei, there’s a part for you to play. Contact the Office to find out how you can serve.

6.  Get Excited

Resurrection Sunday is a celebration of the best news ever! Jesus dies for our sins and rose in victory over Satan, sin & death. So get ready by reading the resurrection accounts, listening to worship music, and reflecting on how God’s grace has been shown to you. Then come ready to serve, sing, and celebrate on Resurrection Sunday!