Behold the King of Glory

For many of us, Lent has become a time to give something up for a little while and eventually fall back into our regular habits. We welcome that very thing back into our daily routine. While we have the best intentions to prepare for Resurrection Sunday, we become distracted.

Simply put, Lent is about forgoing pleasure to make room for joy, namely the joy we find only in Jesus Christ. 

Lent is a time for us individually, and as a church, to follow Christ "into the wilderness." Lent serves as a season to prepare ourselves for the joy of Resurrection Sunday as we dwell more deeply on the sorrow and pain which preceded it, emptying ourselves of lesser things so that we might be filled with the greater things of the gospel, and reminding us that the resurrection only occurred after the crucifixion.

So, during this season of Lent (which begins tomorrow Wednesday, February 10th!) we encourage you to focus on living simply in order to grow closer to God. We'd like to recommend an amazing resource called, "Behold the King of Glory," written by Russ Ramsey for you to use during the 40 days of Lent. It is our hope that you will rediscover your wonder at Christ's sinless life, brutal death, and glorious resurrection. 

"Behold the King of Glory" can be purchased for Kindle HERE, or in paperback HERE.
We will also have 10 copies of the book available for $10 each at the Connect Desk this Sunday.

"Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead." 1 Peter 1:6 (NLT)