On Behalf of All the Kids, Thank You!

For several months now, the staff of Missio Dei Church has been praying and planning for our 7th birthday celebration. We asked questions like,

"How will we celebrate?"

"What can we do to praise God for His faithfulness?"

"How can we get the body involved?"

And one day we figured it out! 

So we teased you for several weeks about this "big announcement" we had coming 09.07.14. And finally, last Sunday we revealed the big surprise.

Beginning this month we are partnering with Compassion International at their center in Mtwara, Tanzania. The people of Mtwara live in extreme poverty with little to no access to education, clean water or adequate shelter. But with the help of people like you, these children - and in turn, their communities - can have hope in the Creator. Through Compassion Tanzania, children will receive Bible lessons, health screenings, medical treatment, school supplies and hygiene education. 

So we came to you urging you to consider sponsoring one or two (or five or ten) of the 110 children from the Moravian Mtwara Student Center. 

We were completely blown away by the response. 

On Sunday alone, 72 children were sponsored. 30 other children were taken home with various families to be prayed for. Kevin Myers, our Compassion Regional Director, said it best,

I've learned to consider the sponsorship of 5 children
on a 
Compassion Sunday a great victory. The Holy Spirit
met us here today and moved in the hearts of your people.


As of Monday, there are only kids' packets remaining! 

So, Missio Dei, we want to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have released a child from poverty in Jesus' name! We are so excited to join you in this journey and anxious to hear your stories of great impact. 


The opposite of poverty is enough.