Hall Fletcher Elementary Relocation FAQ

Hall Fletcher Elementary Relocation
Questions & Answers

When Will Missio Dei Church be Relocating?
Our first Sunday worship gatherings at Hall Fletcher elementary will be Sunday, December 7th at both 9am and 11am. We will have a setup ‘training’ day and open house on Saturday, December 6th from 8am until 11am. 

Will We Still Have Two Worship Gatherings?
Yes, we will still hold 2 worship gatherings, at 9am and 11am respectively. Though during the holiday season we may be able to fit into one gathering, at our peak attendance seasons (Spring & Fall) we are larger than one gathering could hold. This is true not only for adult space, but kids’ space as well. However, we will have plenty of room to grow by keeping two gatherings, which has been one of the major limitations of our current space. 

Why Are We Relocating to Hall Fletcher?
Not only will moving to Hall Fletcher provide us with a larger, safer, more modern facility to use on Sundays, but it will also provide a great opportunity for us to do real neighborhood ministry. The section of West Asheville where the school is located has tremendous needs. It is a neighborhood that has been somewhat overlooked by the revitalization of our city until recently. It is also a neighborhood in transition, and has become very diverse. We see this as an amazing opportunity to both declare and display the glorious gospel of Christ to all. 

How Did This Move Come About?
We have had an ongoing partnership with Hall Fletcher over the last 4 years, trying to 'seek the peace and prosperity' of the school, its students & faculty, for the glory of God. By His grace, we've been given favor with the faculty and administration, and as we began talking with them over the summer, it was apparent they were excited about the potential of us meeting there. They have been exceedingly gracious to us in accommodating our needs for kids' space, storage, etc. We are all very eager to see our partnership grow over the next few years. 

Will We Have to Set-Up & Tear-Down Each Week?
Meeting in a school will mean we will be a more ‘portable’ church than we are now, but even in our current building we have had to setup and tear-down each week. We are thankful that the administration of HFE have gone out of their way to accommodate our needs, so we will have permanent storage on site, and will also be able to share much of the A/V equipment making the process much simpler. If you would like to help with the new setup routine, we’d love your help! Email laura@mdcasheville.org for details. 

What About Kids’ Ministries?
Kids’ ministries are very important to us, and we believe this relocation will be great for the children of Missio Dei. Not only will we have access to a playground, but the faculty at HFE have been kind enough open up the kindergarten wing to us, so we will have access to large classrooms for each age group. Additionally, we are streamlining our drop-off and pick-up system to make it easier on parents.

What Else Will Be Different?
Obviously, meeting in a school instead of an old church building will take some getting used to as the look & feel will be different. But most of what we do on Sundays will be largely the same. One change we are very excited about is having a large foyer area which will help facilitate greater relational opportunities before & after worship. Also, everything (including adult & kids’ space and restrooms) will be on the same floor, which will be much more convenient. You will notice other minor changes as well, but the good that is coming and will come from this relocation far outweigh the changes we will endure. 

What should I do now?

  • Celebrate the wonderful opportunity God has presented to our congregation!
  • Pray for a smooth transition, for unity in the body, and for continued favor with Hall Fletcher’s staff and neighbors.
  • Use your gifts to serve the body. We will need more volunteers in the coming weeks to create an inviting worship environment, and we need your help!
  • Give financially to the relocation efforts. Becoming more portable required the purchase of special equipment and resources. Financial gifts directed to the move will help offset the costs we have incurred to make this possible. You can contribute by cash or check each Sunday, or you can easily set up online giving as well. More details on our website at http://mdcasheville.org/give
  • Join us on Sunday, December 7th, ready to worship God and praise Him for His faithfulness to our congregation. 

Feel free to email office@mdcasheville.org with any other questions.

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