Poverty Will Never Determine Your Future

Sunday at Missio Dei, we had the incredible opportunity to hear from Maureen Kaderi, a former Compassion sponsored child from Nairobi, Kenya. Maureen was raised in the 3rd largest slum in Kenya, often going multiple days without anything to eat, as her family struggled to survive on less than $10 a month. At the age of 7, a very skinny and malnourished Maureen was selected to be a sponsored child through a Compassion project in her slum. Not only did Maureen receive food (which she often snuck it home to feed her family), clothing, and an education, she was introduced to the person & work of Jesus. It changed her life. It changed her family’s life.

Maureen, now a college graduate, ministry leader, wife & mother, was released from systemic poverty through the ministry of Compassion, and her sponsor’s faithful gifts and prayers. She & her husband Oliver now operate Mercy House Kenya, which exists to rescue teenage pregnant girls from the streets of Nairobi. “I thank God for poverty in my life, and I never regret being poor, because if I had not been poor… perhaps I would not have received Jesus Christ into my life”, Maureen shared.

Sometimes we become paralyzed when we see the massive needs around the globe, and we wonder what we can do, or if what we do will make any difference. Maureen, and thousands of others just like her, are living proof that your partnership with organizations like Compassion does make a real difference in the world.  Click below to hear Maureen’s story, and consider partnering with Compassion to see children released from poverty in Jesus’ name. 

How did Maureen's story impact you? What is one thing you can do in response?