Making a Move

About a year ago, Missio Dei began a partnership with Calvary Baptist Church on Haywood Road, and held a combined worship service that brought the two church bodies together in Calvary’s sanctuary. As my family and I walked up to the church and into the sanctuary, I was flooded with memories from my early childhood. My parents and I attended Calvary for a few years when I was very young, and everything looked exactly the same. I remember attending the church's preschool and playing on the playground, attending princess themed birthday parties in the fellowship hall, practicing for the children’s choir in the music suite downstairs, and running around the hallways with my other preschool aged friends. This was the first church my family and I attended, and is where my parents were baptized.

Now, I am 20 years old and my family and I have been attending Missio Dei for about 4 years. My family has grown and changed in many ways since we left Calvary, both physically when my brother was born 9 years ago, and spiritually through the relationships we have made at churches in the area and the Christian school where my parents work. Coming back to visit Calvary was a way to see how much my family has grown by being reminded of where our faith journey began.

Missio Dei is preparing to rent out part of Calvary’s beautiful church building that currently isn’t being used in order to give our congregation a larger and more stable location. This will allow room for the growth of our church and will give the kid’s ministry specifically more classroom space. I can see how God is not only working in our family, but he is working in this city and its churches by bringing believers together to share in the mission of multiplying disciples, in Asheville and around the world.

Recently, we have begun to prepare this new space for renovation, and are currently in the process of clearing out closets and classrooms of items the church no longer uses. This past Saturday, many members of all ages joined together for a workday to scrape paint, move boxes, through things out, and start the cleaning and remodeling process, which will continue throughout the summer.

Please pray for the continuation and expediency of this project and for God’s hand in the process, and give thanks for this wonderful opportunity and for our brothers and sisters at Calvary Baptist Church. If you would like to get involved by volunteering some of your time throughout the week, please email Laura Buckwalter. We have also scheduled an all-church work day for Saturday, June 17th. We'd love to have your help on that day. We will start at 9am, but encourage you to come whenever it's most convenient for you - even if you can only offer one hour! To learn more about the specific projects, click HERE.

Written by Ivy Ingle