Missio Dei Church Relocation FAQ

We're gearing up to move to Calvary Baptist Church by the end of the summer. We know that many of you may have questions regarding this move, so we put this FAQ sheet together for you!

Where Is Missio Dei Church Relocating?

We have been invited to lease a portion of Calvary Baptist Church on Haywood Road, roughly ¾ mile from our current location at Hall Fletcher Elementary. We will be leasing the Candler Center, which is a separate auditorium space, as well as the top floor of Calvary’s education building. 

How Did This Move Come About?

We have enjoyed a great relationship with Calvary for the last several years, since we moved our offices here in 2014. Our partnership has increased over time to include shared mission projects and joint worship gatherings at holidays. The leadership team at Calvary graciously extended this offer to us to bless our community and strengthen the relationship between our two congregations.

Why Are We Relocating to Calvary?

There are a number of reasons that relocation is a very positive thing at this time:

  1. Vision & Mission – We believe this move aligns with our call to mature and multiply disciples in Asheville & beyond for the glory of God. We see this facility as an outpost for gospel ministry both in this neighborhood, in our city, and to the world.
  2. Permanence – We want to be a long term neighbor & partner to this community and having a ‘home base’ of ministry is advantageous. We believe our presence here not just on Sundays, but throughout the week will pay dividends in influence with the people who call this neighborhood home.
  3. Stewardship – We want to use every dollar given to extend our gospel reach & Kingdom impact. While there is up-front cost in outfitting the facility for our needs, the long term monthly savings (nearly half) for what amounts to 24/7 access to this space just makes good sense. Additionally, the permanence we will be afforded will free people up for more face to face ministry opportunities.
  4. Room to Grow – Hall Fletcher has recently presented some limitations for future ministry growth, including parking, and access to classrooms for our growing kids’ ministry. Calvary allows us to grow into the space, with plenty of parking, more classroom space, and auditorium space to accommodate growth.
  5. Partnership – Calvary Baptist is an aging congregation but desires to see us work together for the Kingdom. They have limited manpower, but plenty of space. We have plenty of manpower, but limited space. We believe this partnership will prove fruitful for both congregations, and more importantly for the fame of Jesus.

When Will Missio Dei Church be Relocating?

Our hope is to have our first Sunday worship gatherings in the new space on Sunday, September 3rd at both 9am and 11am, then a ‘Grand Opening’ on our 10th birthday, September 10th. Work has already begun to upfit the new space, and with your help, we should be able to get all the rooms ready for ministry over the summer. We will have some ‘training’ days for serve teams in the weeks leading up to the 3rd, and a final worship gathering and move day at Hall Fletcher on August 27th.

Will We Still Partner With Hall Fletcher?

Yes! Though we will be moving down the street, our partnership with HFE preceded our gathering there, and we expect the relationship to grow and flourish. We still plant to serve the school and contribute financially as one of our city partners through our 1 for 1 giving initiative.

Will We Still Have Two Worship Gatherings?

Yes, we will still hold 2 worship gatherings, at 9am and 11am respectively. Though during the holiday season we may be able to fit into one gathering, at our peak attendance seasons (Spring & Fall) we are larger than one gathering could hold. This is true not only for adult space, but kids’ space as well. However, we will have plenty of room to grow by keeping two gatherings, which has been one of the major limitations of our current space.

Will We Have to Set-Up & Tear-Down Each Week?

Yes and no. Meeting in a school for the last few years has meant a significant amount of setup and tear down as a ‘portable’ church. In this new space, all of our kids’ ministry rooms will be permanent, and nearly everything in the auditorium and welcome areas will remain in place from week to week. Occasionally, there will be need to clear the auditorium for another group to use, and we will need to set out signage, etc. weekly. But the majority of our ministry areas will be ‘turn-key’. Praise the Lord!

What About Kids’ Ministries?

Missio Kids is very important to us, and we believe this relocation will likely benefit our children and families the most. Not only will we have access to a playground, but all of the kids’ rooms will be set up permanently for our ministry use, ensuring a clean, safe, secure environment for our growing kids’ ministry each week!

What Else Will Be Different?

Obviously, meeting in a new space will take some getting used to as the look & feel will be different. But most of what we do on Sundays will be largely the same. One change to note is that the kids’ wing will be in an adjacent building on the top floor. We realize this isn’t as convenient as at Hall Fletcher, but the distance is about the same. You will notice other minor changes as well, but the good that is coming and will come from this relocation far outweigh the changes we will endure.

What should I do now?

  • Celebrate – God has presented us with a wonderful opportunity. Let’s give thanks!
  • Pray – Ask the Lord for a smooth transition, for unity in the body, and for continued favor and partnership with Calvary and the neighborhood.
  • Serve – Getting this facility up to snuff for our use will take a significant amount of time and energy. This is an ‘all hands on deck’ moment for us, and we need everyone to chip in and do their part to ensure that we make our deadline at the end of August. There will be a Workday on June 17th at 9am (childcare provided) and we will have weekly signups for specific projects that can also be done during the week. Please consider how you might use your gifts to serve our body and get this facility ready
  • Give - The Calvary space was in quite a state of disrepair after years of not being used, so there are some significant costs involved in the up-fit. Some of you are able to contribute financially to this effort, and we invite you to help us offset these costs.

Check out this facility update video to see the progress we've made in the space and to see what more needs to be done! >>

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact us at office@mdcasheville.org and one of our pastors will get back to you.