Welcome Anna Printy!

This post begins a series of posts we're creating as new people join the Missio Dei family through covenant membership. Last Sunday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Anna Printy to the family! Here's her story:

Anna was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, but spent the last 8 years in Gainesville, FL which feels more like a "hometown" for her now. She first visited Missio a year ago in August 2014 and has been coming ever since. 

When did you come to faith? 
I came to the faith originally in 5th grade, but I did not begin to truly walk with the Lord until college, in 2009, when I became an active member of a campus ministry at the University of Florida.

Why did you join the church?
 I joined the church because I believe in the unity of the Body of Christ, and submitting oneself to church discipline and authority. It was also an official way to pledge allegiance to a particular group of believers, and I want to be as much a part of Missio believers lives as they are in mine. The church body in Missio resembles more of a true and better family for me and membership places an official name on an entity that has already become a reality for me.

What's been the best part, for you, of attending Missio Dei?
The best part about attending Missio is the people. I arrived here a year ago and immediately was accepted by all and warmly embraced in friendship and deep community. I know that I have joined Missio at a time when great change is happening in the body, but I continue to pray for it's growth, diversity, unity, faith, perseverance, dedication to Hall Fletcher and the greater Asheville area. I desire for Missio to truly become what the Lord has called His people to be: a light to the lost, a haven to the poor, and a means to be the hands and feet of Jesus this side of heaven. I am SO excited to be a part of Missio to support and love each other as we expand and grow in Asheville...and beyond. :)

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to meet Anna, we encourage you to do so soon! As you can see she is a great part of family and we're happy to support her in her spiritual growth!