Gospel-centered service is motivated by the saving work that Christ has done on behalf of his people. Jesus extended His love and grace to us for his glory and not our own.

As recipients of His grace, we should pursue ways to extend grace to others out of a response to the Gospel. If you’re being impacted by the gospel, there are countless opportunities - both formal and informal - to serve others at Missio Dei Church. Serving on a ministry team is also a great way to meet people and develop meaningful relationships. Below, you will find several opportunities to serve others through various ministries in the life of Missio Dei.


Facilities Team

While we are now meeting in a semi-permanent space, there are a few things that need to be set up on Sundays in order to prepare for our worship gatherings.  Set-up team members arrive early to get our facility ready: brewing coffee, putting out signs, preparing Communion, etc. Tear-down team members hang around after worship to clean up and put things away. Contact: Hannah Manning at hannah.manning@mdcasheville.org.


Welcome Team

At Missio Dei, we work to cultivate a culture of hospitality. If you are great with people and enjoy meeting and making others feel welcome, consider serving on the Welcome Team.  Team members are the first contact our guests have with the people of Missio Dei and, in some cases, the church as a whole. Welcome Team members are stationed throughout the building to ensure that all guests are extended a warm welcome, directed, and engaged in welcoming conversation.  Contact: Hannah Manning at hannah.manning@mdcasheville.org.


Missio Kids Team

Missio Kids Team members work with children ages birth - 5th grade, helping provide each child a loving, caring, and fun atmosphere where they can enjoy age appropriate teaching about the gospel in the Scriptures.  Become a powerful part of the spiritual development of our kids by joining the team.  A background check is required. Contact:  Ginny Landrum at kids@mdcasheville.org.


Missio Students

Missio Students team members work with students in 5th-12th grades. We love Jesus and we want our kids to love Jesus. On this team, you'll build relationships with students so that they can learn more about Him and grow in their faith. Contact: students@mdcasheville.org.


Worship Arts Team

This ministry team prepares and empowers our people to encounter God in a meaningful way through music and other elements.  If you are a skilled musician or vocalist, consider being a part of the Worship Arts Team.  Contact:  Ryan Krishnan at ryan@mdcasheville.org


Audio/Visual Team

An environment free from distractions is critical to facilitating a meaningful worship experience.  As a member of the AV Team, you’ll serve with worship leaders to ensure that the technical aspects of the worship gathering are handled with excellence. Members of this team can serve as sound techs, setting up/tearing down equipment, mixing sound or media, and more. Brief training sessions will be provided for those interested in this team. Contact:  Robbie Greene at slidetech@mdcasheville.org.


Shepherd Team

This team serves Missio Dei by ensuring a safe and secure worship environment. Team members serve once a month by monitoring the halls of our Sunday meeting space. If you feel you have a shepherd's heart to help watch over our members, guests, and children, please consider serving here. Contact: David Thorneloe at dthornel@yahoo.com.


Prayer Team

This team serves the people of Missio Dei through praying diligently for the requests received at our Sunday worship gatherings. They receive weekly emails with prayer requests and seek to lift up our leaders, church body, and city before the Lord. If you have a heart for prayer, consider serving Missio Dei on this vital team. Contact:  Fred Brinson at brinson.fred@yahoo.com.


Communications Team

Want to help keep others in the loop? In our ever-connecting world, and growing community, it is important that we use all means possible to communicate the grace of the Gospel to others and keep the body informed.  Assist Missio Dei Church with utilizing technology, from Sunday PowerPoint slides to online social networking tools.   Contact: Bryan Robbins at bryan@mdcasheville.org.


Missions Team

Mission isn't a special assignment God gives to a few "special" Christians - it's the calling of every disciple. Being a disciple means that you evaluate your gifts, skills, and resources in light of how they can best be used to advance God's mission. Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20), meaning mission is not either local or global, but both local and global. Mission begins right here in Asheville, but it extends to the ends of the earth.    Contact: Jon Beaver at jon.beaver@mdcasheville.org.


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