Faith and Work

Our view of work needs to shift from “something we have to do to meet our needs” to “how God is caring for the world.” Our vision for work should not terminate on paying bills or buying groceries, but on God’s glory by passing through human flourishing. Once we see our work as a way to enable human flourishing for the glory of God, everything else starts to line up.


More Resources

Throughout this series, the posts here will be pointing to resources helping us better integrate our faith with our work by uncovering the purpose, addressing the problems, and exploring the power, pleasure, and potential of a Gospel-centered work life.

If you have questions, suggestions, or want to talk further about Faith and Work, feel free to email David Lindrum. 


As we work through this five-week series, recordings of the sermons will be made available here.

Series starts on January 14, 2018