Mzee Ahmad / Market Seller

Mzee Ahmad is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. He is very happy and he is a charming trader who makes his neighbors happy.  I asked him why he is happy and he said to me, "My grandson (somo) I like jokes, my business pays, I am running my life without being dependent on anyone.” Again he mentioned many positive contributions which emanate from his business: he has built a good house and owns five acres which are planted with cashew trees. (korosho). – Daniel


Opportunities to Help

Our next trip to Mtwara is set for June 12-21 (click HERE to learn more about this trip). Much preparation is going on right now; check out how you can get involved without needing to travel! 

Medical Survey

On the June trip we hope to lay the foundation for a future Medical trip to Mtwara. Part of laying that foundation is getting a sense of the current medical services in the area. We’re not the first to have this question and it appears to my uneducated eyes that there are relevant journal articles available sharing the results of recent efforts to understand this region. We are looking for someone with the ability to conduct a lit review of medical journal articles to help our doctors, nurses, and PAs better understand conditions in this region.

Graphic Design

The cornerstone of our June trip is hosting workshops with the Nehemiah Project on starting businesses. The workshops make extensive use of workbooks which we have been working to get translated into Swahili. These workbooks have graphics which need to be redesigned with Swahili text. We need help with graphics ranging from flowchart style illustrations to icons to a cover.

Business Mentoring: Moris

Moris is one of the business owners we are encouraging in Mtwara. He currently runs a shop selling carvings which he buys from craftsmen in surrounding villages. He’d like to expand that business to help tourists see the best of his region. This tour business could benefit from a stronger web presence, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and clear offering of services. 

Gifts for the Compassion Center

We asked Wema, the center director, what kinds of things we could bring for the children. She was very humble in offering a few requests:

  • soccer balls
  • sports pinnies
  • keyboard
  • drawing colours (colored pencils)
  • plates
  • tailoring machines
  • a projector

A few of these we can take with us (e.g. pinnies) but the rest we should buy there if possible.

Monetary Gifts

In addition to helping us meet these needs, you can give financially. You can give by cash, check or online by designating your gifts to "Global Missions". Any monetary gifts designated “global missions” in the month of May will go straight to a small budget to help Wema purchase these things while we are there.

For more information about how you can help or to volunteer for these things, please email David Lindrum

Missio(n) to Tanzania June 2017

We’re booked! Sabrina McDonald, Thomson Meeks and David Lindrum are heading to Mtwara June 12-22, 2017.

We are working now to make the connections and preparations needed to:

Love on Compassion

  • Provide the center with some tangible sign of our love and support for them.
  • Visit the Compassion center on a Saturday to see it in full-swing, something we couldn’t see last time.

Support the Church & Provide Training for Pastors

  • Find Swahili books for the pastors while in Dar Es Salaam.
  • Worship with Pastor Sylvester’s church.
  • Lay the foundation for a potential medical trip from Missio in December.
  • Connect with Benjamin in the village to learn if and how MDC could best assist in evangelism.

Encourage Businesses

  • Support the Nehemiah project workshops and encourage Godly businesses to serve the commity
  • Connect with the entrepreneurs we are mentoring now, and meet those we’ll advise in coming months
  • Visit with the translators helping us and look for ways to strengthen and streamline the process.
  • Meet with community leaders to encourage connecting business people and sharing success stories.

If you’re interested in supporting any of these efforts, or have questions we might be able to get answered while there, please contact David Lindrum.